Our Platform


Affordable Day Care & After School Programs

My maternity leave was over six weeks after my first son was born, and the financial and emotional stress of going back to work was more than I anticipated. If I did not have a Mother who was willing, and in a position, to help with childcare I would have had to quit my job due to the costs of daycare for an infant. It was then that I realized that working mothers and fathers who have no other choice but to pay thousands of dollars every year – just to have the opportunity to go back to work and continue with their career, build their years of service towards retirement, and continue to accrue hours necessary to continue their health insurance coverage – deserved more. Having more affordable options for daycare would ensure parents have more money in their pockets at the end of the month to pay bills, put money away in savings, and consequently have more breathing room. Furthermore, District 38 is number six in the entire state for having two parents working outside the home. It is no surprise that we also have record high percentages of underage drinking and smoking/vaping. Ensuring safe, healthy places for our kids during the gap of time between when school gets out of session, and when Mom and Dad get home from work will keep kids occupied, safe, healthy, and provide opportunities to develop relationships, talents and self esteem.


Infrastructure and Mobility on the West Side

Expanding accessibility of public transportation and ride share programs – particularly dedicated travel lanes for buses, increasing the frequency of buses, expanding trax line services – is something that is necessary in order for the West side to continue to thrive. If the schedules are convenient and frequent, public transportation ridership will improve, lowering the operating costs. Mountain View Corridor has helped relieve stress on alternate North & South roadways like Bangerter, 5600 West, and Redwood Road, but there are still very few convenient ways that allow for East and West travel. Partnering with UDOT and Salt Lake County to identify which of their roadways would be optimal for implementing additional Flex Lanes would be tremendous for relieving congestion and improving traffic flow for the morning and evening commutes, for those who must drive their own private vehicles.


Livable Wages

Hiring skilled, well-trained, certified craftsmen to complete State funded projects not only benefits the contractors who are bidding on these projects, but it protects taxpayers from being left “holding the bag” so to speak later on down the line when poorly completed projects need to be repaired or just completely redone. Utah is one of only 18 states that does not require a state prevailing wage when bidding on State-funded projects. Re-instituting such a measure would help to raise wages across the board for all fields of work, and send members of the working-class home with more money in their wallet every paycheck.

This will ultimately benefit our community’s locally owned, small businesses. Activities like getting our haircut at The Classic Gentleman, buying groceries at Stan’s Market, taking our kids out to eat at El Rancho Grande, then ice skating at the Olympic Oval, are things that will be able to take place more frequently.