It was time for a change

People often ask me why I decided to run for office. 

I ran because after 18 years it was time for a new, fresh set of eyes and ideas representing House District 37 and resolving issues of working class families.

I ran because working families deserve someone who understands their issues and will vote to support people, not partisanship.

I ran because we need more moms making decisions that impact our children.

I ran because my husband grew up in this house, and we are now raising our own family here. This is our community, and we want it to succeed and grow.

Running for office is not something that I ever imagined I would do, but we need change. I look forward to being that change for House District 37 and working class families across Utah.

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A huge thank you to these outstanding Kearns High School Football Team young men for their help today! If any of them belong to you, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. These fellas are helpful, humble, and have great manners. After breakfast they took their lists.and headed out to help our elderly, disabled, and overwhelmed neighbors get their yards in order. You can help next time, too, by joining Kearns Community Care And thank you to MOM's K-Town for hosting us this morning so we could carb up before we went to work 😎 ... See MoreSee Less
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In response to 2022 Legislative Changes, the Moderate Income Housing Plans for Kearns, Magna, White City, and Unincorporated SLCo will be updated this summer. Please join us for two in-person workshops: June 29th and July 13th! #planning #housing #communityengagement ... See MoreSee Less
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The issues that I fight for
are important issues.