Regional Minimum Wage Increase: As we all know, the cost of living in Utah has steadily been increasing. From 1989 to 2019 the cost of living increased 104%, while the state median income increased only 25% during that same time period. The last time the minimum wage increased was in 2008. I have introduced a bill that will raise the minimum wage regionally, based on the cost of living per county. This will support our working families without devastating our rural communities.

Pollinator Amendments: The Honey Bee is Utah’s State Insect, but population is steadily declining. I have sponsored a bill that will mimic the “Lawns To Legumes” bill created in Minnesota, which would incentivize people to plant pollinator friendly native plantings in their lawns. This is a necessary step to saving our honey bee friends.

Expanding Eligibility for Affordable Child Care: CARES Act funding has allowed the state to temporarily expand access and eligibility to affordable daycare programs, but I want to make sure that the infrastructure created during this time has permanent funding when the CARES money runs out, so that families may maintain qualification for these services.

Securing Animals in Truck Beds: Partnering with the Humane Society of Utah, I am sponsoring a bill that will require companion animals traveling on public roads with a 40+ MPH speed limit to be secured either with cross tethering or in a kennel while in the bed of a truck. Working dogs on private roads are exempt from this bill. Our hope is that this bill will keep dogs and drivers safer while traveling on roadways.


How to Participate in the Session Virtually

The Capitol Complex will be closed to the public indefinitely due to public safety and COVID concerns but there are options to participate virtually in the Legislative session. While I understand this session will be unlike any other, I still want to hear your feedback about 2021 proposed legislation. Public comment is a necessary feature of the democratic process.

For instructions on how to attend virtual meetings, please visit here. For the process and procedures on how to provide public comment, please visit here.

To keep up with what is happening on Capitol Hill, visit the Democratic Caucuses website or connect with us on social media:

Sign Up for COVID 19 Vaccine(70+)

We are working to expand eligibility for COVID Vaccination every single day. As it stands, healthcare providers, K-12 Teachers, and those 70 years or older can be vaccinated. Please visit this link, or call the number provided to sign up for your vaccine appointment.
Contact Local Health Department by Phone: 800-456-7707

Virtual Town Hall Meeting

I will be part of a town hall meeting with Senator Mayne on February 2nd from 7:00pm-8:00pm. To the right is the flyer for the event.